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Toshiro Mifune



In adultese: The ‘baddest motherfucker’ (which, Emilia was sure, basically meant a person was really cool) to swing a blade.


Late one night, she had caught him on the television. Like a revelation. Like a prophecy, bursting through the screen with quicksilver grin. Gritting teeth, keen with wolfmadness. Knives in his words when he spoke. Spitting sparks, laughing at nothing. Laughing at dirt. Laughing at the ocean. Laughing at a crow. Defying rocks for being in his path, rubbing his belly sucking on a blade of grass. Emperor of cool. Kamikaze king. Sultan of swoon! Drunk on air, walking like no gravity. Slicing down baddies like the human blender.


At school, when asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, all the children confused with her answer: Tosheeeeeeeeeero Mafooooooooon.      THE BADDEST MOTHERFUCKER. THE ONLY SAMURAI THAT MATTERS.

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