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a) An Interactive, Not-for-Profit Novel 

by Matthew Burnside.


b) An Ever Expanding Work in Progress. 

New content will be added on an irregular basis as the story, its characters and various plots and subplots unfold. Additionally, content may also be erased and revised.


c) A Hypertextual Narrative Experiment. 

Readers (that's you) are openly invited to contribute feedback regarding which characters/storylines they'd like to see more of. After reading, feel free to use the 'Contact' link at the top of the site to offer your suggestions to the author for his kind consideration.


​d) An Openly In-Development Work.

Readers will witness the building/editing of the novel over time. It could be months, years, or a lifetime, but readers will see all progress and revisions as it is written to completion. All changes and additions will be noted in the 'Index' above.




 This work is best viewed with Internet Explorer. Using other browsers may affect readability in strange ways.


How to read IT


Unlike a traditional, tactile novel with pages, this nonlinear work is navigable by links which move laterally across the fictional town of Brownleaf and metaphysically through the consciousness of its inhabitants.


Which means the story can be explored in many different ways and in several different orders depending on what you choose to click next.


If you see a term in yellow, try clicking it. These are intertextual links and will lead to different "entries" within the work.


Terms in red will lead to external sites that may or may not complement your reading experience. Feel free to ignore them if you would rather remain wholly within the world of the novel.


Some entries will require you to click more than just links.


Don't be afraid to play around.


Secrets are everywhere.


As you read, remember you can always retread your steps by clicking back on the browser, or return to the cover page by clicking 'HOME' at the top.


There are even optional soundtracks at the top which can be turned on or off at any time.


Lastly, a key is always clickable!




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