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How the broom came to be broken nobody knows, though every winter Max would use it to rake icicles from the eaves, or yank down Christmas lights from the top of the ladder without having to mount the roof, which was old and slippery and the one thing he feared more than public speaking.


It would come to be utilized by Rubia in several skirmishes against a solo rogue bat, which had declared its cave her attic one dreary winter while Max was away on business.


Alex would use it exactly twice: once like a javelin, once to snag a Ziploc of pot out from underneath the car, having thought fast to avoid getting caught.


Reuben would eventually gift it to his sister, fearing his stories were responsible for keeping her awake. Keep this magical sword under your bed always m’lady, he knelt as he bowed his head bequeathing it unto her, and nothing will ever dare touch you, not even the Big Bad Wolf.


‘Little Red’ she would dub her prize, and there beneath the bed Little Red would remain to keep the furry fiend at bay for many years to come, all her slumber a sinless slumber.





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