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  Note Found on Vanity      ytinaV no dnuoF etoN

  Mirror One Hour                     ruoH enO rorriM

  After Your Melting              gnitleM ruoY retfA 

  Away                                                       yawA



Well dear it turns out there is not nearly                                     ylraen ton si ereht tuo snrut ti raed lleW

enough lipstick in the world after all to                                                ot lla retfa dlrow eht ni kcitspil hguone

unshrivel some smiles no sheets soft enough                              hguone tfos steehs on selims emos levirhsnu

to unitch a body with corners like these I                                         I eseht ekil srenroc htiw ydob a hctinu ot

hope you inherit these words soon after                                           retfa noos sdrow eseht tirehni uoy epoh

getting a blowjob on the taxi ride home after                               retfa emoh edir ixat eht no bojwolb a gnitteg

wiping her cheek clean while the green light                                 thgil neerg eht elihw naelc keehc reh gnipiw

tilts thru the window so the driver sees the                                 eht sees revird eht os wodniw eht urht stlit

warm juice dripping down her face I hope it                                   ti epoh I ecaf reh nwod gnippird eciuj mraw

burns you and her I hope it stays there on                                     no ereht syats ti epoh I reh dna uoy snrub

her chin like the cum scar that it is because                                 esuaceb si ti taht racs muc eht ekil nihc reh

how the hours gallop I can't stand to sit                                             tis ot dnats t'nac I pollag sruoh eht woh

down another hour how the christmas lights                                sthgil samtsirhc eht woh ruoh rehtona nwod

know to twinkle like that in unison I can't                                         t'nac I nosinu ni taht ekil elkniwt ot wonk

twinkle like that in unison do you remember                                 rebmemer uoy od nosinu ni taht ekil elkniwt

how many times I told you hearts aren't                                             t'nera straeh uoy dlot I semit ynam woh

meat hearts aren't meat hearts aren't meat                                   taem t'nera straeh taem t'nera straeh taem

you never could keep count never learned to                              ot denrael reven tnuoc peek dluoc reven uoy

count and never learned to listen so this is                                   si siht os netsil ot denrael reven dna tnuoc

me teaching you how to listen.                                                                       .netsil ot woh uoy gnihcaet em





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