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Sunken Dreamers' Almanac: Light Drizzle



J motors through the halls traipsing trash flashing ass, a mouthful of motley moths eyeful of kerosene cocktail. Uses her sex tomahawk for teenage survival, having learned the rules of combat in the basement of a bunker, her drunk uncle taught her at a young age to engage. Now she can't stop feeding her awful appetite, often hungry she wolfs lashing lambs with an eyelash to feel normal. Earns an 'A' in poly sci for spreading thighs, saves her shy cries for under the bleachers listening to the pep rally ripple, rattling loose metal while she loses her mental mettle. A secret bump in her belly nobody knows boulders heavy on her shoulders, scolders her future flammable to the touch of hope. In the natatorium she salutes the floor with cherry vomit, green lights a gasoline kiss guzzling pool cleaner. While the school anthem flaunts her freakdom, she flirts with a diving board, waltzing the watery edge. Blacking out, counts her lucky scars & skitters through scabrous blue.

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