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Meditations of the Nameless Infinite


In the hall Damon terrorizes white space inside stray open lockers with Witeout.  

Signs his work "The Nameless Infinite."   

These days, everything gets tagged. Nothing safe from The Lesson.


What is The Lesson? Alex asks every day.

The Lesson is The Lesson, Damon answers.

Yeah but WHY is The Lesson?

Because, shrugging he'll say:  everything must leave a mark.



∞ tragedy of the fly ∞

in the mud, a tiny fly writhing

crushed by the rain, wet wings go nowhere





∞ humility hymn ∞

pelted crow on the roadside

wait for the night to obscure thy shame



∞ ode to fungi ∞

mushroom mashed up against the shadowy edge

umbrella head bursting brilliant; the light is implied



∞ shit rose ∞

on the bathroom wall, a diamond-shaped shit stain

dreams itself abloom, for it knows not where it grows




∞ black rainbow

dark puddle on the rooftop, reflecting rainbows

could be gasoline?



∞ sprinklers

uptown, there are sprinklers to preserve the greenness of the grass & the whiteness of lilies

here, bouquets of scorched earth, broken heads like polished snake skulls



icarus down

don't you know it's a sin to give your son wax wings to sail to the sun?

. . .it's not the fall that'll kill him but the death leap from the floor



∞ the improbability of an airplane ∞

somewhere in a cloudless sky, an airplane weaves oblique

nothing more improbable of flight, yet there it goes



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