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Horoscapes: Taurus



The kind of guy who traces ghosts in lukewarm water. Beware the back of cereal boxes this month. Beware the clutching of a size nine Reebok at midnight, laces tied tight because they haven’t learned how to untangle back to the beginning, in love with such small intricate loops. Beware candy machines at the grocery store, of filling your pockets with quarters out of habit. Beware aisle seven where as a child he’d stop, stomp & beg for a coloring book. Beware standing for long periods in a parking lot in the rain. Beware his old night light that’s flickered ever since the incident. Beware drawing baths for ghosts, who have no need for cleaning. Beware tiny fins swimming figure 8s in the water. Beware the body sinking slow, your wife’s vial of sleeping pills tipped over by the faucet. Beware the illusion of false soft escapes. Beware finding his favorite afterschool snack waiting. Before a teeth-marked cup. Beware any wordfind featuring the word ‘BOY’ crossed out as an example.

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