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Horoscapes: Pisces



The kind of guy who urinates on nativity baby Jesus. All grief is elliptical, or so the bright pages claim, while ninja stars rain through the windshield of your soul. Because you once read an interesting book about a wizard named Jesus, you vowed to invest in magic. If one could make a dove disappear, in theory the dove could be summoned back out of thin air with enough faith. But you found only scorched feathers in your palms, the answer to your question an emphatic Yes: a prayer can be issued forth in the form of a scream. Earthly heirlooms stolen under cover of night by a thief in the clouds. With a pistol you'll pronounce your finale. Curtains will crumble. The audience will melt. The meek shall inherit the meadows, but only after the mutilation of so many lambs. In paradise, there is a chandelier that never fails. In hell, a wet match that begs to burn.

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