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Horoscapes: Leo



The kind of girl who smuggles light bulbs in her pillow. But I love you the way horses eat until they die! said the star quarterback through the wires, & what is love if not bursting? At night his force you felt beneath your pillowcase, jangling full of snow-globes swirling with desire. Fast blood rivering through the tufts tickling obelisks in your throat. How he could be the one to high-five your heart. Homecoming under the bleachers he smuggled a warmth in you, then washed his hands of his handsome stain. You bled electric hush, but no one heard over the touchdown timpanis. If there’s one thing you know now, it’s the terrible things we must do in the name of survival. In the woods you lay your curse at the altar of wolves, begging beasts to put the future to sleep. When all they did was stare, you embalmed the sky with a smile. Now pick up your blushing bones, brush them off. Picture a peace encased in Plexiglas that reads BREAK ONLY IN CASE OF EMERGENCY. Here’s your hammer.

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