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Horoscapes: Gemini



The kind of girl who braids her heart for war. Happiness may depend on your ability to redefine your definition of romance. Consider coming home to roses as opposed to the usual bouquet of black & blue bruises. Imagine the next time he raises his fists leaning into it, tilting your body toward the burst, because sometimes steering into a crash is the only way. If you survive stick to the script, feign the swallowing of his poison. After the apology spit it out & see the invisible exit signs above the door. Imagine yourself moving toward it, through it. Leave your jacket in the closet, don’t risk waking him. Put your son in the car seat, give your foot permission to fall & never look back. You’ll be safe with your sister. When he calls she’ll cover. Sooner or later you may begin to doubt yourself. Don’t. Note the child at the table, how he slumps from the scars. Imagine a history of secret bleeding rewritten: twin futures salvaged. Imagine a door in the sky. Now imagine yourself sailing toward it, through it. Imagine it the next time he raises his fists, & you lean into the crash.

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