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Horoscapes: Aries



The kind of girl who hijacks a carousel. If you can’t join them, beat them. Paint yourself pale & prowl the playground for simple skinny prey. When you find someone smaller than you make her kiss the dirt until her face is black/ugly like yours. Pop her Barbie’s head off & keep it in your pocket admiring it throughout lunch, how her blue eyes ring out next to hollowed half bell irises, how the Chiclet teeth resemble chalk you’ve come to envy for its ability to render words cursive while you curse clouds for their whiteness, staring crooked through the window. Absorb those mutters behind your back in the hallway, funnel them into your fists for later. Conceal their acid until it’s a formidable foam to spew upon peaches-and-cream skirts when the teacher turns her head. In your bedroom impale Barbie’s head on a fork, dip it in chocolate & smear mirrors with mashed potatoes to pretend yourself princess normal.

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