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Setting sail on a rickety plank, Max suffers stillness when the wind goes limp and his oar crumbles.


Meanwhile, he’ll google ‘Blockscape’ for pointers. SOUL GEM – a term he’s heard out of Reuben’s mouth before, gracing the top of the Blockscape wiki.


             S O U L G E M


             Status: Ultra rare.


             Effect: For each server there is one soul gem hidden, the mythic artifact known for its

             ability to render first player to harness its power invincible. With soul gem activated, player will 

             never die, nor lose their levels, nor equipment until soul gem is exhausted.


             Description: Violet; Orb-shape vessel. Blinks upon activation.


             Special: All players who discover the soul gem will have their name permanently added to wall of

             fame on Blockscape web site, in addition to receiving three months free-to-play.


When the wind finally blows again, his course will be set, goal locked on: he’ll find the soul gem.         Why he won’t be able to articulate, or understand.        It’s just a game, of course.     Silly.        Cartoonish really.        But this won’t matter: the soul gem is his.             Night after night, when he’s not playing, in pixelated dreams he’ll be mining and roaming and sailing and swimming and climbing for the soul gem.           


At work, typing reports: mining, roaming, sailing, swimming, climbing for the soul gem.              


At home, cooking bacon: mining + roaming + sailing + swimming + climbing for the soul gem.                


On toilet: miningroamingsailingswimmingclimbing for the soul gem.          


Standing at Reuben’s grave in a gale: mngrmngslngswmmngclmbng for soul gem.          





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