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Sunken Dreamers' Almanac: Hope as Furious Negation of Doppler Effect, or the Myth or Meteorological Predestination




That weather vanes lie. That every forecast is fickle: the imperfect meteorologist as slave to the uncertainties of weather, not the other way around. That though man has inherited the laws of the wild, the wild does not adhere to the laws of man. That just as clouds float where they want to float storms gather & break when they're ready to break, hearts divide & collide at their own terminal velocity not subject to the flimsy radars & barometers of fate. That all grace is tentative, constantly ending & unending together. That everything that sinks will rise again, in second skin. That tomorrow a blanket of fog that had obscured the torch-tips of tinny stars above could lift like accidental Baptism to lantern your way home.

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